My humble self’s First salutation to my Mother Muniamah, Father Dr. PK Karuppaiah, Guru, Satguru and the Almighty of love and mercy.



Dear Loved ones, somehow or rather, we are all leaders in the making. Our attitude in leadership will determine the altitude of both our leadership and our followers. Attitude stirs passion and drive ultimately resulting in empowerment.

A leader is a person who leads a group somewhere. He should have a purpose, guidance and a sense of achievement (Desired and result). A leader should be like a servant who motivates others to do greater things than he has done. A leader is a person who leaves behind in other men the conviction and will to carry on, even if he is not around.

“A leader should have creative communication and be prepared for a change in a given situation and work towards the desired end result as growth orientated” As such, leadership is something to do with relationship. My humble self communicate with many participants through seminars, and always make it an ambition to create a relationship with the audience.


I endeavor to develop a connection with them. Only then my humble self can really lead them to where they want to be through this, I will help them maximize their human potential, to lead them into growth. The leader who is able to relate, to unite, to encourage, to serve, is the leader who will launch other people to fulfill their potential in life. Relational leaders are those who encourage people to go beyond their natural abilities. So leadership is about taking action and motivating others to do the same.

Leadership is not just about holding position or spouting what you believe. Action and relationship are the marks of true leadership and they last forever. We need to enhance our attitude to reach this altitude of leadership. Sometimes as leaders, we will be hit unnecessarily and our emotions will be provoked. We should only focus on our goals instead of gossips. As Warren Bennis and Bert Nanus have written, “Trust is the emotional glue that binds followers and leaders together”. It is amazing to see a football team which though replete with champion players, loses to a championship team. One is a team of Champions; the other is a Champion team. The relational leader will not just build a team of champions but a championship team. Such a team will flow and work together on the basis of mutual trust and respect.Leaders should help people to become interdependent, to work together as well as to be successful individually. They build strong teams. If you practice the principle “Be Simple Be Practical” you will profit from the principles you practices. Good leadership consists of showing average people how to do the work of superior people. This is proven in our 7 Day Programme. The 21st Century leaders should not be just interested in people reaching goals but stimulate them to use the creative potential to reach their destiny.Leadership is also about service, to draw out the latent abilities during their team of service. Leaders should always learn from the past experience and set a goal for the future and live moment by moment. Always focus on opportunity rather than on problems, choose your own direction rather being mislead, aim for something that will make a difference, rather than for something that is safe and easy to do. Being leaders, again you have to remember people speak negatively about you even if you can be the best leader. We have to learn to accept this. That’s attitude of a leader to reach the altitude. Always remember this, “When you are a leader, don’t try to be a boss” leadership has very little to do with that. No successful leader becomes a success by himself / herself. Every leader who becomes successful does so with the help of others.

Everyone who has ever made it to the top has at sometimes, benefited from contribution of someone else into their leadership life. Woodrow Wilson once said “I not only use all my brains but all that I can borrow”. Without that support, greatness and success becomes illusory. Today if True Realization Centre has reached its 17th Anniversary in Tamil Nadu, India, it is because of the support and love from all the anbullams.


Four keys to encouragement as a leader to his leaders:

  • Give verbal encouragement
  • Reward for effort
  • Praise in front of peers
  • Be thankful for their input and abilities

To be the best leader, always remember the following:

  • Never complain – Give suggestions
  • Never blame others – Accept and acknowledge
  • Never give excuse – Accept and acknowledge
  • Never gossip – Appreciate

"Do your duty and accomplish your mission by being deaf to unnecessary comments. My humble self take this opportunity to thank each and everyone who have put in so much of effort to uplift True Realization Centre to this heights. Special thanks to Mr. Azhagarsolai Sounderrajan and Mr. Mahamuni who pioneered our programme to India, and Co-ordinators and Seminar Assistants. May The Blessings Be!" - Anbe Sivam