97% are people and only 3% are mankind . The objective of True Realization Centre is to transform people in to mankind. Mankind means, those having good attributes like Love, Compassion, Wisdom, Patience, etc.

To achieve this, True Realization Centre is conducting 7 day True Realization Experiential Programmes in Malaysia, India, Singapore and Indonesia.

This 7 Day Programme helps people shed their five passions of mind which are Anger, Ego, Vanity, Lust, Attachment and to realize as Soul.

This 7 Day Programme makes people realize the power of Love and to radiate unconditional Love to their family, neighbours, friends, relatives and the acquaintances.

It inculcates as to how to nurture harmony within the family and thereby lead a happy and peaceful life. This programme guides people to achieve their materialistic and spiritual goals.



Mudra is a gesture performed mostly by both the hands and fingers, Our fingers represent the five elements – Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Ether. Mudras are done effectively to regulate and balance the five elements in our body.


Law Of Karma

Karma is defined as Action – The present life, we live on Earth is a reflection of the sum total of all our past deeds and actions. How to balance our Karma? How to live a Karma-less life?



A repository of information on your Questions & Answers to lead a contented Spiritual and Materialistic life. Above all, the answers provided here are to increase consciousness within oneself.


Spiritual Classes

A wonderful opportunity to talk to Master K M Sivaswamy to get enlightenment on Spiritualism, Contemplation, Total Surrender, Jeevan Mukthi and above.


Benefits of True Realization Centre


How to develop Attitude

Learn how to be humble, caring, loving, patience, gain self-confidence and lot more

Enhance family relation

Enhance your family relationships among parents, children, husband, wife brothers and sisters

Earn money and Increase Income

Find the ways to earn money and be wealthy on any given circumstances

Fight against Anger, Fear, Confusion

Anger, Fear, Confusion and all weakness can ruin the life, find the methods to overcome it

Spiritualism to balance your life

Find the way you get closer to God, gives perspective, and boosts your health

How to achieve your goal

Goal setting is an important perspective; know how to achieve your goal with a clean defined process where you can succeed in life